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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Aidan Delgado Re-surfaces

I was watching Hardball last night. Nora O'Donnell was subbing for Chris Matthews and she was spending much of the program on Cindy Sheehan in Crawford, Texas. They briefly stated there was an Iraq war vet participating in Sheehan's protest and who do they show but Aidan Delgado! He is the vet profiled in the NY Times Bob Herbert column in early May. In that column, Herbert repeated Delgado's claim that American soldiers in Delgado's unit smashed Coke bottles over the heads of Iraq civilians as the soldiers rode by in their convoys.

The blogosphere got wind of Delgado's very questionable accusations and neither he nor Herbert ever offered any additional proof or names to support his claim. Delgado then seemed to disappear but it looks like he came out of his spider-hole to join the Crawford protest.

I am fine with Delgado joining Sheehan's protest as that is his fundamental right as an American, but Hardball should learn to do a little homework regarding their (however brief) guests. Do the MSM folks even know how to google someone? Delgado's background (he got discharged as he became a conscientious objector and his spurious claims to the NY Times columnist) is information that the MSM should share with its audience! Don't you agree?

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Anonymous said...

Keep blogging Delgado's name yourself. Two articles, one from Sth Hattana and another from the Sarasota Herald Tribune cite Delgado's sergeant as concurring/corroborating his accounts. The sgt is a mechanic in Atlanta and a ten year veteran.