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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

America Coming Together Came & Went

Here is some very predictable news.

The liberal, activist group 'America Coming Together' (aka ACT) which was formed with the millions of George Soros and Peter Lewis is now defunct because Soros and Lewis have decided they will no longer fund it and at least 28 people were informed they will lose their jobs soon.

I equate this to a little kid who loses the game and so the kid is unhappy and he decides to take his ball and goes home. That is essentially what Soros has done. He thought he could form an activist group, buy some ads or enroll some voters and influence the election so his guy would win. Unfortunately, his guy lost, so Soros is taking his ball (the money) and going home where he will hatch up some other inefective idea on which he will waste another $50 Million or so next election. YOU KNOW IF I HAD ANY SENSE I WOULD HATCH UP SOME IDEAS FOR SOROS AND SEE IF I COULD GET IN ON THAT BIG GRAVY TRAIN IN 2008!

Lastly, in its story about the demise of ACT, the Washington Post reported "By all measures but one, ACT and the Media Fund were a great success, helping to turn out record numbers of new voters. But that one measure was the one that counted. After Bush's reelection and GOP gains in the House and Senate, Soros and Lewis pulled the plug on their support."

Now is that statement by the Post true, documentable and provable? Great Success??? I may email the WAPO authors and ask how they can back up that statement? I remember turnout was a record but are they saying the Kerry turnout was primarily attributable to ACT and the Media Fund?

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