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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Philly Zoo Elephants 1874-2005 RIP

The Philadelphia Zoo has housed elephants since it opened in 1874. And to the best of my knowledge, there have been no incidents of mistreatment or egregrous neglect of the pachyderms.

Now, the AZA ( American Zoo Association) has set new guidelines for how AZA/ member zoos must house and care for elephants. The AZA wants elephants to have acres of space to roam around just like they were still in the wild. The bottom line is the Philly zoo may transfer its elephants to better-suited zoos and our kids would no longer have a chance to see elephants at the Philly zoo.

That's crazy!!! Elephants have been well cared for at the zoo for 131 years!! And now some meddling, buttinskis are telling Philly what to do. AND I do understand this threat is a not-so-subtle attempt to blackmail the donor and government community to force them to ante up millions of dollars so the zoo can build a habitat for the elephants that meets the AZA new standards.

Here is a quote from the Philly Zoo chairman, Peter Gould ..."we need to do the right thing by the animals. It's clear the status quo is not a long-term, sustainable status quo." Blogger's comment .....UNLESS YOU CONSIDER 131 YEARS LONG-TERM!! GOULD MUST BE A WEENIE AND AN IDIOT. HE SHOULD TELL THE AZA TO GO POUND SAND. I BET THE ZOO WON'T DARE POLL ITS ANNUAL SUBSCRIBERS AND FINANCIAL SUPPORTERS TO SEE HOW THEY FEEL ABOUT LOSING THE ELEPHANTS.

Here is the story's link below.

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