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Sunday, August 28, 2005

I'd Like a Starbucks and a Bagel With My Free WIFI

Here is a NY Post story regarding government-provided wireless internet service. I generally oppose taxpayer-funding for what I would call a semi-luxury or non-essential commodity. But I thought the Post report is a good and balanced story.

Here is a very telling quote from a program bureaucrat (Dana Spiegel, Executive Director of NYC Wireless). I assume she heads up the incipient and free (?) WIFI program for New York city..."Just like the grass and the trees and the benches are provided by the city, we think that broadband internet access should be provided as well".

Let's think about this for a minute.....the city must be pretty well off if it can afford to spring for free WIFI for all its citizens. So I think the city should throw in a free delivery of the morning paper, a Starbucks coffee and a bagel with cream cheese. Cause I really can't start my web-browser without those accoutrements! Then I would support the program.

For your reading pleasure, I have provided below the link to the story.


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