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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

What You Might Call "Thinking Outside The Box"

The NY Knicks GM is being sued for sex harrassment by a former Knicks employee.

In these types of cases, all kinds of claims and accusations are thrown against the wall in the hopes one claim will stick (against the deep-pocketed defendant like the Knicks). So the lady included the claim that Isiah Thomas wanted to schedule more games at noon because he planned to try to to get the opposing team's players drunk the night before at area clubs. If this is a false claim, I suggest Thomas should claim (off the record of course) it's true because it's a pretty crafty scheme- what I call thinking outside the box.

Below is the actual quote from the news story. "The lawsuit also alleges that Thomas told Browne Sanders he was pushing for more home games at noon on Sundays. His plan, according to Browne Sanders, was to have opposing players go to certain clubs, including strip clubs, that Thomas had connections with on Saturday nights and get them drunk so they would be sluggish for the game the next day.

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