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Friday, January 13, 2006

Limit Political Campaign Contributions To The Average Weekly Wage

I saw a report yesterday that the average weekly wage in the largest metro markets is $751. And I thought it would make sense to limit lawful campaign contributions to the size of the average American's weekly paycheck.

So, let's hear it for a campaign contribution limit of no more than $751 (one week's pay) to a single candidate and no more than the average year's pay ($751 x 52 = $39,052) for a candidate to donate to himself. But, let's be nice and allow immediate family members to give no more than 4 weeks pay (4 x $751). These limits will prevent super-rich candidates like Jon Corzine from buying their way into office by funding their own humongous campaign chest.

This sound reasonable to you? Oh and only eligible voters can make contributions; that means no more corporate nor union nor PAC nor felon's money allowed!

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