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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Munich- Three Thumbs Up

This was a good movie for all the reasons King Kong wasn't. Munich had good casting, was well acted, offered a good story line, was only a tad long, and contained much less hand-wringing than I expected (but still a little too much) by the Israeli killers.

My only complaint was Munich lacked some needed testosterone- like you got from the movie Gladiator. In that movie, when the Roman troops were warming up for a big fight, some great stirring music filled the theatre (and I now have the album) and it made you want to run out of the theatre and decapitate the closest Hun or Visigoth!

Munich was a little like watching a bunch of physics students get on the job training as hired hit men. But, I still recommend it to movie-goers. It's better than average!

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