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Friday, January 06, 2006

The National Dems Are So Stupid

According to this Drudge Report flash, the Democrats plan to try to take down Judge Alito by smearing him with wacky witnesses including a PETA supporter who sounds like a real whackadoodle (named Steven Dujack?).

The Dems are truly stuck on stupid. Let's face it: Judge Alito is not a sinister or evil character and the American people sense that so they will be amazed the Dems are pulling this stunt.

It's almost a suicidal strategy; they should clean house and recruit some reasonable leaders (like Harold Ford) who are not weenies, wussies, geeks, know-it-alls and elitists. That's why they can't win elections.

Think about it...Reid, Dean, Kerry, Pelosi, Kennedy, Boxer, Durbin, Carl Levin, Rahm Emanual, HRC. The American people must look at this group and gag. And I used to revere the Kennedys but this group of idiots pales when compared to JFK and RFK.

If Kennedy had balls, he'd ask to raise the minimum wage to $10 AND get rid of alot of the wasteful social programs like paid day care. But he has no balls and never had vision.

The Republican are only slightly better but they are better. Here is the link to the Drudge report if you want to read.

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