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Monday, January 23, 2006

90% Of Homeless Victims Were Drunk

In a story about the extreme cold in Europe, this sentence caught my eye.... "About half the vistims were homeless and 90% of those were drunk." Now is that an estimate and can it be accurate? Did they actually test the corpse's blood alcohol after it thawed out? Or did the writer mean to say the homeless victims were alcoholics which would be a very different statement with different meaning (the "90% were drunk" would never get past an American editor who would be troubled about appearing politically incorrect)?

BTW, every winter in Alaska, it is routine to hear about a few people who have died from severe exposure after exiting a bar (the night before) in a drunken stupor and passing out in a snowbank before they could make it to their home. Below is the link to the story re the European frost if you want to read.

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