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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Almost 95% Caucasian

At the Reading Terminal on Friday 12/30 around 2PM for lunch. It's very crowded, business is booming and (I tend to be observant and notice stuff) I estimate the crowd is almost 95% non-black. What is up with that?? Philly has to be around 50% black population...can my eyes be deceiving me? No, because it's the same at a Philles or an Eagles game. Why is that- is it due to socio-economic differences? Just thought I'd ask.

And BTW, the Reading Terminal(a gigantic former Pennsylvania Railroad trainshed in downtown Philly at 12th and Arch) is a fantastic place to visit and eat lunch if you are in Philly. It's open Mondays-Saturdays and is food court style so everyone can get different stuff ranging from cheesesteaks, sushi, crab cakes, Italian, Pa Dutch/ Amish specialties, Termini's baked goods. Enough said!


Anonymous said...

If you'd been there at lunchtime (12-1), you'd see a lot more black people. You know, during lunch hour from their jobs?

AJ Lynch said...

Anonymous said- go at lunch time cause that's the only time they have off from their jobs.

Re the original posting, I was there on the day before New Years and I made my comment assuming an awful lot of people of all colors had off from their jobs!