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Thursday, January 12, 2006

No Call For Reader Profanity But Paper Left Out Pertinent Fact From Story

I heard back from the Inquirer reporter whose story I took issue with in a previous post. She was very reasonable and did admit the Sunday Justice counter-rally was organized by a group called Fenton Communications. When I googled Fenton on the internets, I learned it is very big lobbying firm and has done a lot of work for and some other liberal initiatives (that background should have been included in the news story).

Here is a link to their website:

The reported admitted, in hindsight, she should have included the Fenton involvement in her story. Fenton organized the conference call for the opposing ministers with media members and I believe that went a long way in demonstrating Fenton's influence and ability to get a news story placed in a very large metro newspaper (and which ended up on Page 1 of the Metro section).

The reporter also told me she got a lot of complaints about the story and many of the complainers were Christians and some used disgusting profanity. I believe her and that is just not right!!

The Inquirer should print those that were made in emails and let the writer be damned (especially if they are Christian, ha ha). How can readers expect reporters to be fair and impartial when the reporters are abused like that?

And, I do confess I once did that in a business email and a lotta subsequent f-bombs were exchanged. I almost made a hasty, long-distance trip to resolve that issue to my own personal satisfaction but I am told vengeance is best when served cold (is that the correct quote?)

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