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Sunday, January 08, 2006

60 Million Watched the Rose Bowl But 80 Million Will See The Alito Rally

Below is the link to a news story about a rally planned for a black church in north Philadelphia. The rally is to gather support for the nomination of Samuel Alito. The story predicts the rally will have a TV audience of 80 Million!! Here is the quote from the story ...."The program is to air to an audience estimated at 80 million through Christian television and radio stations and through simulcasts to churches".

That is a seriously outlandish estimate. According to US Today on Friday, the Rose Bowl was seen by 21.7% of US households which represents 60 million viewers (or 1 out of every 5 Americans) IF and only IF every person in those households watched the game.

I emailed a letter to the Inky editor and asked how they came up with this estimate of an 80 million audience. I also asked how and who organized the Inquirer's conference call with the concerned ministers since the conference call seems to have spurred the story.

Lastly, the story in the paper was headlined" Plans For Christian Rally Are Attacked". The online version now reads "criticized" instead of attacked. It seems the MSM truly views these Christian groups and events as something to be demonized and their influence grossly exagerrated. It's almost hilarious but it is a shame too. And I am writing as a lapsed Catholic who has been in a church twice in the last two years (each time was for a funeral) so don't get the idea I am some sort of born-again evangelical.

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