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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Smart Letter Of The Week- "Global Warming? Nah"

Congrats to Mr. Del Rossi of Lower Gwynedd, Pa who wrote the smartest letter of the week! The letter-writer, Mr. Michael Del Rossi, asks a very logical question. Distilled to one sentence, he asks if temps are returning to levels seen 130,000 years ago, maybe it is not being caused by "human activity" cause the earth did not have that many humans on it back then! Pretty hard to argue with that logic!! Below is the letter- enjoy.

"Dear Editor:
In the 1970s, climatologists were warning of a new Ice Age. Now, they are warning of global warming. The Earth has been evolving and moving in cycles for thousands of years. Yet we believe we are entitled to a static coastline.

The March 24 article "Reports see 3-foot sea-level increase" also indicated that the Arctic region temperatures were projected to be as warm as they were 130,000 years ago. To my knowledge, man-made activity could not have been a cause of that previous warming.

Yet today we are told to alter our economic system to eliminate man-made causes of global warming based on computer assumptions. This from people who cannot tell us what the weather will be two days from now but are certain what it will be in 150 years from now. Science indeed!

Michael G. Del Rossi
Lower Gwynedd, PA

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