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Monday, March 20, 2006

Do You believe In Coincidences?

On Friday, the president at PNC Bank wrote an OPED piece in the Philly Inquirer. He was recommending we spend $10 Billion a year to pay for pre-school for low-income kids. That's an increase in govt spending of about $33 for every man, woman and child in the USA. And of course, since not everyone works, let's figure it's about $100 from every worker in the USA. And that's on top of the $9,000 per spent by the govt for every man,woman and child. If you are a lib, you say what's another $33?? And you are right.

I actually posted this because I am sure the PU Trust was behind the OPED by the bank prez. The PU is trying oh so hard to get govt-paid pre-school into a select group of states and I know the PU "ghost-wrote" the OPED for this PNC bigshot. When I confirm this, I will let you know.

Oh and it was also no coincidence that the same day, Bob Casey, the candidate for senate, announced the first thing he will do after he is sworn in is to introduce legislation to pay $10 Billion for pre-school for low income kids. And did I mention that an evern greater coincidence was that Casey's announcement was in that very same Philly Inquirer??? Guess it is possible they all got the same fax from the PU Trust!

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