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Thursday, March 16, 2006

My New Favorite Comedy "The Colbert Report"

Have you seen this show? It is a spoof of Bill Oreilley's Factor and Colbert is the former sidekick of Jon Stewart. The Colbert Report is hilarious- he has to be one of the most talented comedians in the whole country.

on each of the last two shows, Colbert had a liberal guest. They were Keith Olberman and Al Franken. Both have been lampooned by and dissed by and are feuding with the real Bill O'Reilley. Colbert asked each about the feud and neither was able to make light of it. Both lashed out at Oreiley and were way too serious (unfunny). Btw, Colbert has nicknamed and refers to Oreilley as "Papa Bear".

Coincidentally, I happened to see Olberman a few nights before on C-Span with Brian Lamb. He was asked the same questions and answered identically and just as seriously! Guess it could be true when they say republicans are happier than democrats. Lastly, I'd love to see an interviewer ask Olberman about his show's dismal TV ratings! Oh and may as well ask Franken about Air America's poor ratings too.

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