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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Evidence ( Follow-up to earlier post "Do You Believe In Coincidences")

Below is a copy of the email response I got back from the PNC Prez, Bill Miles, who wrote the OPED article about early childhood education and that we taxpayers should pay for it. I very cleverly suggested in my email to Mr. Mills that he contact the PU Foundation because they really really want taxpayers to pay for this stuff. Mills took my bait when he responded to my email and essentially said he already knew that cause he has the biggest PU bigwig on his board.

Well, what do you know the PU president is a member of the PNC Bank advisory board. So I was right to guess the PU Trust probably helped write the OPED for Bill Mills. Below is Mills' email response to me (or evidence in my world):

"Mr. Lynch: Thanks for your e-mail about the op-ed piece. I appreciate your recommendation to contact the PEW Charitable Trust. PNC has been actively engaged with PEW around the issue of early childhood education. In fact,Rebecca Rimel is a valued member of my local PNC Advisory Board. Regards, Bill Mills (president of PNC Bank)"

Lastly, I don't think Einstein could keep an accurate count of the number of articles the Inquirer prints that are initiated by the PU Trust and its vast and deep-pocketed tentacles. And btw I love it when I am right!


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