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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I Don't Know If Bonds Used But I Looked At His Stats

I don’t know if Bonds used steroids but I looked up his home run records back to 1990. He played in Pittsburgh from 1990-1992 then was traded to San Francisco in 1993.

  1. He hit 33, 25 & 34 homers in 1990-1992. That is a total of 92 and a three-year average of 31 per year.

  2. He hit 46, 37,33,42 & 40 homes from 1993-1997; that is a total of 198 and a five-year average of 40 per year.

  3. He hit 37, 34 & 49 from 1998-2000. That is a total of 120 and a three-year average of 40 per year.

  4. He hit 73 HOMERS in 2001. That 24 more than his previous career-high of 49!

  5. He hit 46, 45 & 45 homers from 2002-2005. That is a total of 136 and a three-year average of 45 per year.
His average homers increased by nine from 31 to 40 when he moved to San Francisco in 1993. In 2002, his average jumped again to 45 per year. In his defense, Bonds was now playing in the extremely hitter-friendly Pac Bell and pitchers had started to avoid him. His walks zoomed up to record levels and he became a truly excellent hitter.

So, are these stats evidence Bonds used steroids? Maybe, but in 1993, he was in fact entering his prime age (mid to late 20’s) and now played in a more homer friendly ballpark and the number of home runs increased throughout baseball.

IMHO, home runs increased everywhere for several reasons including better player conditioning and weight training, better hitting coaching and techniques, smaller ballparks, perfected eye / laser surgeries (Mark McGwire is one beneficiary) and of course steroids.

Lastly, I did not consider partial seasons due injuries or strikes but was surprised that Bonds has has only one season with 50 or more homers (ala Hammering Hank).

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