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Thursday, September 01, 2005

What Do The Eagles Do With The Money Under The Salary Cap

The Philadelphia Eagles recently cut Corey Simon and saved $5 Million in salary for their once designated franchise player. That means the team is now $15 Million UNDER THE LEAGUE MANDATED SALARY CAP OF $85 Million. Or 18% below salary cap!!!!

Over the last few years, the Eagles have consistently been way under the salary cap. And every year, a friend of mine always asks "what happens to that money when a team is under the cap?" And every year, I give him the same answer..."Damned if Iknow".

Well, I provided a link below which may provide the answer if you want to research. I prefer to remain in the dark (afterall it's just a sport and I refuse to do homework on sports) and am perfectly contented to continue to curse the Eagles management for, in my opinion, being far too tightfisted.

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