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Monday, September 26, 2005

Illustrious Gathering Of (MOSTLY WHITE) Media Elites

Below is how Andy Rooney described the celebrity crowd at Peter Jennings' funeral. ..."It was the most illustrious gathering of news people that has ever taken place. A terrorist attack on Carnegie Hall that day would have wiped out broadcast news. " A more accurate statement would have been the title to this post.

Rooney showed film footage of the media stars who attended and when you read the transcript and count the 35 names he drops, you have to notice the absence of diversity among the almost pure-white list. Of the 35 MEDIA members Rooney mentions, there was BUT ONE BLACK NAME (Ed Bradley) and ONE ASIAN (Connie Chung).

That's pretty amazing even for the MSM. And please note Rooney did mention Al Sharpton's as having attending but I did not count him as a media elite.

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