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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A Psychiatrist Armed With A Glock 9 & Hollow Point Bullets

Watching Anderson Cooper last night on CNN and I think he has been out in the elements a bit too long. Here is what he reported as the typical chaos in Nawlins. And I am paraphrasing what Cooper said below:

Cooper ...."I ran into a psychiatrist who came to Nawlins just to help. He brought a bag of his own medicine and his own Glock 9 (an automatic handgun) loaded with hollow point bullets. The psychiatrist was frustrated because there was no one here to help gather patients, etc. That's the problem - the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing".

Jeez I agree with Cooper don't you? Just utter chaos and no one there to treat the truly needy like the cuckoo and armed psychiatrist Cooper thinks is perfectly normal.

UPDATE- HERE IS THE ACTUAL TRANSCRIPT FROM CNN'S COOPER....."And we're hearing that every day from all the first-responders that I talked to privately. They don't want to say it on camera because they don't want to get in trouble. These are small-town guys who don't want to make waves. But they are incredibly frustrated. I talked to a young doctor, a psychiatrist, who came here on his own with a backpack full of some medicine and a Glock with hollow-point bullets strapped to his waist. He wasn't ordered here. He just came here because there was a need. And he looked around. He was like, where is everybody else? Where are the medical professionals that are desperately needed? And this guy was working, helping New Orleans police officers, who didn't really have any medical care for themselves. " END QUOTE

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