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Sunday, September 25, 2005

A Leader In The Hate America Crowd

Wacthed some of Bill Maher's HBO show on Friday night...don't know why I did that. Maher had three Brit guests on and tried his damnest to get them to take the bait to slam America. To their credit, only one even nibbled ever so slightly on the edge of his bait.

Here is the telling quote from Maher that realy got me steamed. Maher said "we [Americans] are terrorists......purposefully kill civilians we did in Hiroshima". Can Maher be more wrong than that??? The use of atomic weapons ended the war and saved many, many American soldiers' lives by getting the Japanese to surrender. That is the conventional wisdom.

And the bonus for watching the program was hearing Andrea Mitchell (remote guest) assign blame to the Clinton gang for ignoring Bin Laden and the 1993 WTC bombing!! Maher was shocked that this MSM star would deviate so far fromm the company line of worshipping Clinton. Maher responded that Mitchell was wrong because the Clinton admin was holding meetings almost every day on Bin Laden. Blogger's note- and , of course, any of us who have worked in large organizations knows how useful and productive those long meetings can be!

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DHuber said...

Maher, to his credit, can make sense at times. But that atomic bombing = terrorism crap is just beyond ludicrous. It was ALL-OUT war, for cripe's sake. And we wanted to save our OWN lives (our soldiers') by preventing an invasion of Japan. I get so tired of rehashing this garbage year after year. It's so friggin' convenient for limousine liberals like Maher to "reflect" on our supposed past wrongs with 60 years of hindsight. But if he was soldier slated to invade the Japanese islands in late '45, you can bet your bottom dollar he'd think the A-bomb was the greatest thing ever in ending that war.