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Friday, September 09, 2005

Tax Cuts Did Not Cause The Floods

No matter what your brainwashed little liberal head tells you, the Bush tax cuts did not cause the flood. Cause you have to then assume this EXTRA TAX REVENUE would have been miraculously spent on actually fixing the levees and having a doable emergency plan for Nawlins. So don't believe it even when the idiots at the Inquirer Editorial Board tell you this:

Inquirer idiotorial...."But a focus on individual screwups risks obscuring a bigger issue. The key flaw was not people bungling a good plan. The problem was the feeble plan itself, based on a notion of federal obligations so emaciated that it borders on the suicidal."

Blogger's note....oh that poor federal budget so broke it's sad!!! How can one not weep at the sign of bureacrats without bundles of our cash to waste!!

And I give you more evidence from that evil conservative, Charles Krauthammer. He wrote in a column in th eWashington Post on 9/09/05:

"As for the Bush tax cuts, administration budget requests for New Orleans flood control during the five Bush years exceed those of the five preceding Clinton years. The notion that the allegedly missing revenue would have been spent wisely by Congress, targeted precisely to the levees of New Orleans, and that the reconstruction would have been completed in time, is a threefold fallacy." "The argument ends when you realize that, as The Post noted, "the levees that failed were already completed projects.""


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