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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Hugh Hewitt Makes A Good Point

From Hugh Hewitt's Blog: " Trailer Park Nightmares
FEMA has ordered 300,000 RVs and trailers for the Katrina victims. Really. At a cost of $5 billion. That's about $17,000 per unit, which baffles me given not only the acquisition costs involved, but also the staging and construction that has to accompany the effort."

"Rick from StonesCryOut was actually one of the drafters of this part of FEMA's catastrophic response plan during the "Hurrican Pam" exercise last year. I asked Rick on air today what the costs of this plan were, and he told me that planners in the exercise had been told to disregard cost. Not a surprise, but what a nightmare this is."

"Look: Give every family a check. A good sized check. Tell them that's their relief payment and to use it wisely. Match them with churches/not-for-profits around the country and ship them out. Creating trailer parks for this many people is just a terrible idea."

Blogger's comment: Let's agree it's difficult to figure out how to handle this but I tend to agree with the idea of direct benefits ("give every family a check"). What the hell do you do with the 300,000 RV's in a year or so. Jeez, they will end up being abandoned on roads in probably every state of the country.

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