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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Good Column On Where Bush Is Going Wrong

I am a conservative but was once a liberal Dem. That said, I have never cared for folks like Tom Delay. Regardless of his politics, he comes off as an arrogant and unlikeable creep.

When I look at Delay I see that little schmuck who plays the tough guy role in the all the Mafia movies... what's his name Joe Pesci (had to look it up) from Goodfellas. You gotta admit, in the right light, Delay and Pesci could be one of those "separated at birth" or "never seen in the same room" items as they look alike. And I would bet you neither of them are real life tough guys at all.

To get back to my post title, I believe Bush and the republicans have done nothing to rein in government spending which is a pet peeve of mine. So suggest you read the column below. It reflects where Bush et al is wrong. I got wind of this column on Instapundit, I think. For your reading pleasure, I have provided the link below.

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