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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What A Typical, Liberal, Kumbaya, MSM Columnist Duestchbag

John Grogan writes a column for the Philadelphia Inquirer in its metro section. Like most good (I mean typical) liberal, kumbaya, MSM columnists, Grogan regularly drifts into national politics topics even though his assigned beat is what they call the "metropolitan" section.

Here is the link to his column yesterday where Grogan calls for Bush to create a "New Energy" commission in charge of finding alternative energy course and Grogan wants Bush to put Al Gore in charge. Now keep in mind, Gore has been quoted as saying Bush has betrayed our country as to the Iraq war.

Grogan is dumb, stupid and lame to even dream up crap like this and then put it in a column. And yes, I realize the column was Grogan's poorly constructed idea of a dream sequence. And yes Grogan is the newly wealthy author of the dog book called "Marley & Me". IMHO, he is just a liberal, wuss deutshbag. And a perfect example why the MSM is failing and its circulation is dropping.

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