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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What I Think

This is a copy of a comment I posted yesterday on another blog in response to another commenter (named Mackan) who claimed America was already a theocracy, it did not takle care of the poor and felt that Bush's tax cuts were intellectually bankrupt. I liked what I posted so much, I figured I'd post it here on my own blog for posterity. Here it is:

  1. I am a republican (fallen catholic) and don't have any fears that we are about to become a theocracy (where is your overriding evidence??).
  2. I believe the govt does provide substantial benefit programs to the poor (I wish more of the programs were direct cash benefits to the needy and not administered thru big, fat bureacracies).
  3. I estimate fewer than 12-15 million CITIZENS can not afford or don't get health insurance at work. And it is a fact that a good percentage of those just elect to spend their money on something else besides health insurance premiums. The media uses 44 million as its uninsured but that number includes a significant number (approximately 15-25 million) of illegal immigrants and legal immigrants who are not yet citizens.
  4. I believe the tax cuts were largely responsible for turning the economy around after 911 and the deficit is getting smaller and smaller (and generally deficits are less important or announced when Dems are in the majority). I also don't believe tax cuts "per se" can be intelletually bankrupt and if the govt is so worthy of more of our money, how much have you donated freely to it Mackan? I don't need a precise amount, an estimate will do.
  5. I don't believe there is much we can do about global warming (if it truly occurring) so I don't support the various chicken little's running around.
  6. I think social security must be fixed and it is an especially egregious disgrace if you are 25 years old and must look forward to paying in about $350,000 over the next 40 years and you are also expected to fund other retirement vehicles like an IRA because your social security benefit will be miniscule vs. what you paid in. And the party that taps this curently-dormant but enormous pool of currently screwed and eligible-age voters will reign for years!.
  7. I am for term limits, reducing the size of government and encouraging every state to contribute a fixed amount per student to every school district (I believe the right amount is about $5,000).
  8. I supported the Iraq War because our govt believed we were at risk to be struck by WMD because evidence said Iraq had WMD and Saddam was a no good evil son of a bitch. I am very disappointed and saddened that the war has been so deadly and costly to our troops and their families. But I recognize wars are by nature highly unpredictable and we are dealing with a very treacherous group of people in Iraq.
  9. I am against voters having the option of voting the straight party ticket by pulling one lever in the polling booth. Let each and very candidate earn your vote- does the constitution state we should make it easier for major party candidates to get votes?
  10. I am in favor of being given a choice to vote for "none of the above" when I vote. We should strive to reduce the power and influence of all political parties (not one or the other) and we should be more eager to battle for ideas and dreams about which we feel strongly.
  11. I would encourage govt to enact regulations so that pensions for govt workers/ politicians are far less generous than those earned by our military or law enforcement officials.
  12. I am in favor of school choice and giving public schools the ability to kick out of school for one year any unruly students (let their parents or social workers take over). It's not the school's job.

That is what I am for and believe in, and for now, that means I usually vote republican. And FYI- I voted for Carter/ Mondale/ Dukakis/ another Dem / and Clinton (only in 1992). I may have them in the wrong order.

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