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Monday, November 06, 2006

Election Predictions

Senate (from north to south then westward):
  • Whitehouse by 4%
  • Medendez by 5%
  • Casey by 8%
  • Upset special- Steele by 1%
  • Webb by 1%
  • Corker by 5%
  • Talent sqeaks by less than 1% (despite Dem hankypanky in St. Louis)
  • Tester by 2%.
  • These results, I believe, will put the Dems in control of the senate
  • And I can't wait to see the fireworks set off by Webb in the Senate. He will certainly make things interesting as he is the one who said there are too many pussies in the Dem party and I agree.

Area House Results:

  • Weldon loses (my district) by only 1%
  • Fitzpatrick beats Murphy by 6%
  • Gerlach wins by 4% (surprisingly easy but voters just didn't warm up to Lois Murphy who strikes many people as someone with negligible experience but runs as if it's her turn to win). Thank God on this one- cause Murphy and her supporters are the ones who are spending $20,000 per student in the Lower Merion school district. That is tyranny by the majority IMHO.

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