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Monday, November 13, 2006

"Fast Eddie" Governor Rendell Delays Announcing Tax Hike Until After Election

Taxes are going up but Governor Rendell got a pass by putting the announcement off until AFTER LAST WEEK'S ELECTION! FYI- the governor has increased total state spending by 40% in less than 4 years in office (that's an average of 10% per year). Has you paycheck increased by 40% since Fast Eddie took office as governor in 2003? No, I didn't think so and he gets an eternal pass from the MSM becasue they just love liberal Democrats who eat cheesesteaks. Below is the link to the story about your tax increase.Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Nice predictions. Weldon losing by only 1%? Haha. I was happy to cast my vote against that dumb slug. I don't know how I found this blog (nobody else ever has apparently), but it sucks pretty hard. It's a fascinating look into the vacuous mind of your typical republican. "Ohh! Ann Coulter is teh funny! John Kerry is the Suxors! Lol omg woot Republicans rulz!"

Anonymous said...

Holy fuck man, "Blogadelphia?" Philadelphia is practically a blogging mecca, and if "Blogadelphia" sucks as hard as this blog, you'll just embarrass us all. Why would anybody read your blog when there are plenty of 404 error pages out there? Too many cheesesteaks, too few brain cells, thats your problem. Happy blogging!

Wyatt Earp said...

After Fat Eddie proclaimed he would make the PPD the highest paid department in the country, he cut our starting salaries down to $23,750. Despicable.

Four more years of this. Swell.