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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

43rd Anniversary .......

.....of the assassination of John F. Kennedy on 11/22/1963. Damn I remember that day almost like it was yesterday. It was about 130PM EST and a group of us was leaving the Church and headed next door to the classrooms when a lady across the street ran out of her house with the news that "Kennedy was shot". It was broadcast over the school intercom and I remember our sixth-grade teacher, Miss Martino, standing in front of the class with tears in her eyes.

Kennedy was a hero to many in our neighborhood because he was the first (and still is the only) Catholic to be elected as president. I remember thousands turning out when he campaigned in a motorcade down the next street over from us (Castor Avenue in northeast Philadelphia). Here's a link to ebay memorabilia webpage (can you believe that?).

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