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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Only In Philadelphia....

Only in Philadelphia, would a candidate for Mayor and current U.S. Congressman (Chaka Fattah), announce his candidacy for mayor outside a new state of the art high school because he feels he has a special focus and zeal for education issues. BUT and you knew that was coming, incredibly Fattah, himself, is a HIGH SCHOOL DROPOUT. Jeez, he never even got a GED. But somehow he has received a masters degree from Penn even though he never ever attended undergraduate college and does not have an undergraduate degree. Here is the link to his candidacy announcement.

And below is the link to the story from last week about Fattah's glaring academic shortcomings. And keep in mind, Fattah is about 50 years old; he is not one of those 80 years old codgers who truly did not have an opportunity to get formal schooling.

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