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Monday, February 06, 2006

Power Corrupts

In round numbers, the federal budget has grown since 2000 from $1.8 trillion to 2.7 trillion. That is a 50% increase in five years!! That is an annual increase of $3,000 per person!!!!!! Means in 2000, federal government cost you $6,000 per year and now it costs you $9,000.

Jeez, that is a disgrace and it can't all be attributed to 911 and GWOT. Can you say Pigs At The Trough? How many of you have seen your family income grow by 50% in the last five years?

In Pennsylvania, last summer's pay-raise grab by the state legislators is leading to a possible seismic shift in voter sentiment. I think an awful lot of incumbents will be cast out of office. That is what voters should do to the Congress! Can we all say term limits?

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