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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cheyney Hub Bub

It appears the Washington MSM is all abuzz because the news of the Cheyney shooting was not put in a press release for their consumption sooner. It took 18 hours or so and Hardball's Chris Matthews spent almost his whole show covering the unexplained delay. May be Cheyney figured it was OK to follow Ted Kennedy's example at CHappaquiiddick.

The MSM hubbub shows what the American MSM has become - regurgitators of press releases. Do they really have to go to college to prepare for that? It seem they have forgotten it is their job to go and dig up news.

Shouldn't this story have been broken by some cub reporter (do they still have them?) who was gloomy because he was assigned to cover the boring travels of the vice president. So, where were those reporters who are assigned to the VP? Did they have their heads up their butts or what?? Or maybe the MSM has all its resources hanging around the White House waiting for that press release to do their work for them.

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