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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Best Letter To The Editor (tried to find a uplifting winner but this was too easy)

Below is a letter to the editor. It was published in the Philly Inquirer on 2/02/06. Frank Keel submitted the letter to the Inquirer. It appears, from his letter, Mr. Keel is simply a public-minded citizen from the suburbs. But, in fact, Mr. Keel is a well known and well-paid public relations professional whose clients include many Democratic city elected officials. These include (I believe) Mayor Street during his last election campaign, and Councilman Rick Mariana until Mariani’s unfortunate federal corruption indictment. Ironically or not, Keel’s letter criticizes an Inquirer reporter for a recent story on a Republican candidate for mayor, Tom Knox.

I’d like to criticize the Inquirer for failing to point out Keel’s role in city politics and for stooping so low as to select Keel’s letter for publication. Afterall, it was Keel who was criticized because his wife apparently wrote letters to the editor under her maiden name in the last mayoral campaign. Below is the actual letter.

A candidate or not?

In the Jan. 22 Inquirer, gazillionaire and mayoral candidate Tom Knox announced that he was resigning his position as chief executive officer of UnitedHealthcare to devote all of his time and energy to becoming mayor ("Insurance firm's chief exits to focus on '07 mayoral run). In the very next breath, he stated that he was not going to abide by new campaign contribution limits and used the rationale that he didn't have to adhere to the limits because he was not a declared candidate for mayor.
Which is it? He quit his job to run for mayor but won't abide by the rules because he hasn't announced that he's running for mayor? Huh? And why didn't The Inquirer's reporter call Knox on his doublespeak?

Frank KeelNorth Wales

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