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Sunday, November 06, 2005

What Do You Call A Thousand Lawyers At The Bottom Of The Ocean?

A start.

That's the punchline to a lawyer joke. I bring it up because I read today that Jane Eisner, a Philadelphia Inquirer columnist, is taking the buyout offered to at least 100 newsroonm staffers. And she is leaving the paper. And that is what I call "a start" to maybe seeing the Inky's return to a decent paper.

Eisner has been a doctrinaire, and ultra-liberal from New York who tried to turn the Inquirer into a smalltown NY Times. At one time and for more than five years, she was the newspaper idiotor or opinion page idiotor. Now if they can only get the remaining big-time liberal weenie Chris Satullo to take the big-money offer from the Pew Foundation.

Sounds mean of me but it's true and reflects what I feel about their idiotorial and opinion departments.

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