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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Tater Guns- Could Come In Handy For The Thanksgiving Foodfest

Great anecdote told by the departing Temple University football coach, Bobby Wallace. Temple as you may know is located in gritty north Philadelphia. When I went there in the 1970's, the neighborhood youths had deadly "zip guns". Sounds like they are now just a mischievous bunch and only shoot baked potatoes at people. Here is the quote from Wallace below:

"I had a kid standing right out here," Wallace said, gesturing beyond the sliding glass to the practice field, "got hit in the head with a baked potato. Big ol' defensive tackle standing right beside me with his helmet off. I never heard of a potato gun but evidently there's such a thing that will shoot a baked potato 100 yards. Hit him right in the head and he's on the ground. Didn't hurt him, thankfully, but things like that happen. Course, we called him 'Tater Head' the rest of the year."

Blogger's comment......I think those "Tater Guns" could come in handy on more please pass the mashed potatoes, just ask your host to "aim that tater gun at my piehole and deposit one with a little butter and sour cream..thanks kindly".

I bet Ann Althouse would be hard pressed to find such great examples of harmless campus hijinks at her beloved but let's face it wimpy Madison, Wisconsin.

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