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Monday, November 07, 2005

Good Phillies News & Bad Eagles News

Ryan Howard got the Rookie of the Year award and he deserved it. I am glad about that!

The wussy Eagles suspended one of their only players with a personality. Yes, I mean it. Owens and Dawkins are the best players on the team- bar none. And they are tough and remind me of the throwback players.... Bergey, Andre (Dirty) Waters, Wes Hopkins. It's the NFL (No Fun League) and I miss the old body bag teams.

I predict Andy Reid will be gone before the end of next season and, in his next job, he will have wizened-up (is that the correct spelling) and won't let his new bosses, the team owners, save millions by staying millions under the salary cap.... coaches tend to get smarter in their second job (just like the rest of us).

1 comment:

Hube said...

No way, man. Owens is a cancer. You can't win if the cancer destroys the body (team) from within. Football is a TEAM sport first and foremost.

Cool deal about Howard, though. Well deserved.