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Monday, November 14, 2005

If Mary Jo Kopechne Had A Brother

Lately when I see Senator Kennedy spouting off about some issue he finds lacking in high morals or superior ethics, I wonder what would have happened to the Senator (in 1969) if Mary Jo Kopechne had had a brother.

Kopechne, of course, is the young lady who drowned when the Senator drove off a bridge and left her in the submerged car and did not notify the cops for 12 hours or so (FYI- man landed on the moon on that same day in 1969- but I digress).

Kopechne was an only child from the suburbs of Philly and her rather elderly parents (I suspect) privately seethed at the Senator's criminal inaction and settled a lawsuit against him a couple years or so after the tragedy.

I believe if Kopechne had a brother, Kennedy would have been forced to pay a far higher price. I wonder if the Senator has ever considered that?

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