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Monday, June 06, 2005

Tilting at windmills

Just read the front page article in the Sunday NY Times about the horror that the super rich are getting richer and putting even more distance between themselves (in terms of size of their wallets) and schlubs like me and (I suspect) you my readers - all three of you. Jeez tell me something I didn't already know. The writer seemed to be trying to make the readers outraged but let's face facts- there will always be people that make fantastic amounts of money.

And ironically the Times Sunday Magazine, which I read next, seems to require that its advertisers pitch products that only those dastardly super rich could afford.

When you juxtapose the magazine ads next to the front page article, it could make you wonder if the front page story was hatched as a kinda "inside joke" by the Times staff. On second thought, that would mean the Times staff was clever and had a sense of humor so scratch that line of thought.

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