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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Hello Again

Have not posted in more than a week; I was out of town on business for five days (1400 mile business trip by car down to South Carolina and then back home through Virginia- this is a pretty country) and then had to catch up on my work and sleep. Feel great now.

I started this blog in February as a test to see if I liked it and could post often enough. I think I have been averaging 2-3 posts per week. Not bad for a beginner. But almost no visitors in that time. I did help to generate one national issue I think when I posted a comment on Mudville Gazette regarding a soldier named Aidan Delgado who claimed his unit in Iraq regularly smashed Coke bottles over the heads of pedestrians as Delgado's convoy drove through a town ( I originally read Delgado's claim in the NY Times and as far as I know neither Delgado nor the NYT author, Bob Herbert, has not provided any third-party evience that his story's claims are in fact true).

Recently, I decided to try and make blogging something bigger so I registered the domain name of and will use that to try to create a family and friends joint blogging effort and maybe make some money at the same time. I see it as a blog that speaks to the Philly area and what it is today and what it could become with a little ingenuity and vision.

I also registered a second domain name of in reaction to my disgust with AARP. I have been a member for almost 3 years (tells you I am at least 53 years old) to take advantage of their hotel discounts, etc. But their newsletters, monthly magazine etc have evolved into tiresome liberal far left screeds against such things as social security reform (which I favor). And AARP does not poll its members as far as I know- the AARP owners just decide what AARP will support and damn the members' opinion (you know just like labor unions). Anyway, I figure a website called could siphon off some business from AARP. Not sure how I will start, but I will figure it out.

Anyway it is good to be back and I will try to post my Sunday feature tomorrow called "TWFM" or This Week's Fuzzy Math.

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