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Monday, June 27, 2005

Common Thread

In my opinion, the SCOTUS ruling on eminent domain and the overriding emphasis the court assigned to economic development reveals a more ominous trend. For instance, in the Philly area, it sheds some light on a common thread where the monied elitists, corrupt government hacks and MSM activists team up to steamroll their grand plans into reality without full community and / or voter deliberation. For example, the Pew and Lenfest Foundation hijacked the Barnes Museum (with the court's assistance and the full-throated editorial support of the Inquirer ) and basically violated the express wishes of the will of Albert Barnes!

So we now have the perfect storm of elitist money and power determining what is best (i.e smart growth and Growing Greener) for an area and the little people be damned. I say let's get the torches and pitch forks out before it's too late.

And don't tell me Growing Greener was approved by the voters; it was on the ballot in a primary year where no major candidates were decided so less than 10-12% of eligible voters actually went to polls. So, about 700,000 voters approved a $650 Million state expenditure in a state with almost 13,000,000 residents. In the future, the voters should insist that at least 40% of registered voters must approve a financial referendums of this magnitude. That would make it much harder to sneak through a program like this in a primary vote.

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