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Friday, June 24, 2005

Finally Healthy Food I like

Just tried McDonald's new fruit and walnut salad. It is great! It has apples, grapes and candied walnuts - all are things I like. No crappy salads made by wusses that generally contain ingredients I hate including pickles, onions, any salad dressing but thousand islands, sour cream, radishes and all that other stuff they use to ruin my salad (tomatoes and lettuce only please you idiot!). Is that so hard to do?

Anyway, McDonalds has gained a new customer! My sincere thanks to whoever at McDonalds figured I was a demographic they were overlooking- wonder how long before they discontinue this from the menu or start to add stuff I don't like? I'll guess six months- let me remind you it ain't easy being me!

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