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Monday, June 20, 2005

Candor from the NY Times

I was watching C-Span over the weekends. They do a good job providing film of commencement speeches given by celebs and politicians. Gretchen Morgensen,a business reporter for the NY Times, spoke at her alma mater, St. Olaf College. Her speech was self-affacing and recommended the grads learn to be kind to others. It was a nice speech and I was surprised when she described how much of an asshole Howell Raines was when he served as the NYT top editor. I am not much for the "inside baseball" stuff about any industry, sport or business. So perhaps it was very well known that Raines was a self-absorbed jerk but I did not know that. I just thought he was another left wing liberal. However, I did not realize some on the NYT staff held that much disdain for him. In any event, kudos to Morgensen for a nice speech and for her candor about her workplace.

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