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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Why Bloggers Blog

There is a core reason to blog. And that is to express yourself using your own thoughts, ideas, words and observations.

When done very well or uniquely, even one time, a blogger's words can spread across the globe instantly. The political parties are scared to death of this phenomenon. Because it is shrinking their power and influence.

Bloggers are best when they ignore the party's position and just speak to their own personal beliefs and ideas.

Someday, I hope, individual identifiaction with one party will wane as the blogopshere matures making ideas not parties paramount. Bloggers are generally uninteresting and at their worst when they become an extension of one of the two dominant parties. Unfortunately, that is what is occurring right now.... the left side of the blogopshere has gone nuts in defending the perhaps indefensible performance of the Clinton administration wih regards to Al Quaeda. I say they need to go back to words, ideas and thoughts and let the Clintons defend themselves.

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