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Saturday, September 02, 2006

I Hate The Whiners In This Great Country

This is the greatest country the world has ever seen. It has spawned so many succcesful individuals who literally pulled themselves from very humble upbringings.

Here is a great example- Bob Mathias- I read his life story when I was a kid. He won the Decathalon in the 1952 Olympics and he was only 17 years old!! And won it again four years later. That was back when the Olympics competitors were truly amateurs and before money and pro contingents runied it for me. Here is a link to the Mathias background.

I bring this up because I saw a blog post today where the folks were whining because colleges, in competing for the best students, have increased financial aid to those studenst who tend to be from higher-income famiies. So the whiners were griping that that sucks cause financial aid to low-income students went up by only $800 per year while the higher-income students got about $1,300 per year. Here is the link to the blogging whiners.

So what is their point? That $500 less per year is going to sidetrack an ambitious but low-income student?

I say it would not have side-tracked someone like Bob Mathias nor anyone else whose parents instilled drive, self-confidence and resolve into them. I know my mother, a hard-working public-school teacher, never let her four kids believe we could not do anything we wanted to try. And her kids would never have been put off because we knew we get another job to earn that extra $500.

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