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Sunday, May 14, 2006

NY Times Correction

Saw this on Powerline......the NY Times had to correct a story about a soldier killed in Iraq. The original story reported the soldier recieved the "Purple Star" Medal. Doesn't everyone except the NYT know it is called a Purple Heart. It's an unbelievable mistake. Below is the actual correction from the NY Times...

"An article and a picture caption yesterday about the funeral of Sgt. Jose Gomez of Queens, who was killed on April 20 in Iraq, referred incorrectly to the Army representative who comforted his mother. She was a sergeant first class — an enlisted woman, not an officer. The article also misstated the name of a service medal that a general presented to Sergeant Gomez's mother. It is a Purple Heart, not a Purple Star. In some copies, a picture of the coffin being carried out of a funeral home carried an erroneous credit. The photographer was Ozier Muhammad of The New York Times." (Go to Article)

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