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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

New Inquirer Owner Should Shake Things Up

I hope the new owners of the Philadelphia newspapers shake things up and can a bunch (Will Bunch for instance) of its far-left liberal writers. They have a chance to re-make the paper into a real voice of the people and not just a standard, typical MSM liberal rag. Don't get me wrong the Inquirer is very good in a lotta ways but its political and news slant is way too far up the butt of the democratic party groupthink.

Think about this- neither of these two large dailies has ever had a nationally known and recognized non-sports columnist. That is a disgrace for paper its size. AND that sorry track record proves the paper does not encourage original thinking nor out of the box opinion writing in its stars. They simply write the liberal and doctrinaire company line. I say let the fun begin and start shaking up all the Philly and Pennsylvania sacred cows.

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