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Thursday, May 18, 2006

No Sacred Cows

The bids are in for the Philly Inquirer and the Daily News. I don't care who wins though I noticed one lib group is in the running (Yucaipa Group, an investment company that is budy buddy with Bill Clinton) and one local republican Brian Tierney.

I simply hope whoever takes over adopts a mindset that there are no sacred cows. The MSM takes a "hands off" approach to MANY local and state guvmint DRONES and MOST OF THE area power-brokers. It generally favors liberal/ democratic positions. In fact, the Inquirer was way behind in recognizing the egregious nature of the state legislature's pay-raise grab (the Inquirer thought initially the pay raise was warranted for all their hard word).

Well, in Tuesday's primary, the voters ousted 17 of 61 incumbents (who had primary opponents). THAT MEANS ALMOST 1 out of 3 lost their job! That's humongous; only two lost in the last election cycle.

I believe incumbents for state office are in trouble including Fat Eddie Rendell, the Dem govenor who signed the pay raise legislation which was subsequently repealed due to citizen/ blogosphere outcry (which also caught the Inquirer flatfooted).

And lastly, good riddance to the far-left Daily News which will almost certainly go out of business even though it has always had an exceptional sports page.

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