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Friday, July 08, 2005

Tipping Point in European Opinion

I started to think about this on Wednesday when I heard England beat out France for the 2012 Olympics. France had again taken a devastating loss to its self-esteem and I predicted this latest bodyblow could finally wake them up to start rehabilitating their image among many Western nations. To wit, I expect they will begin to try to cast off the bad vibes and stubborn ways so that France could start again to feel welcome and comfrotable with the West (especially America and England).

Keep in mind this was before the bombings in London. Well now I am more sure of this vision but now I see it expanding to Germany, perhaps Spain and other of the European nations that failed to offer significant support to the Iraq war effort. The Olympic vote and the London bombing will cause a resurgance in European opinion and spine against the terrorists. In fact, the terrorists have made a major blunder of accidentally timing the sabotage just after the Olympic vote and during the G8 summit. American, European and perhaps World resolve will combine to rout the hearts and minds of these bastards! And France will recast its image as a country that saw the errors of its ways and wants to leave that history behind forever.

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