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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Philly Police Commissioners: Dumb as Foxes or Just Plain Dumb

Philadelphia's police commissioner was asked about doing random bag searches in Philly ala New York and D.C. Here is what he said..."I don't think so (said a chuckling City Police Commissioner Sylvester Johnson). It raises serious questions about people's constitutional remember, the mayor didn't even want his bag searched at the movies".

Meanwhile Philly's mass transit system, SEPTA, has a it own police commissioner, Richard Evans, who also said people's bags would not be checked on buses or subway because it's an awful lot of work. Here is Evan's quote..."that wouldn't be the wisest use of our people. The volume of passengers is too large. We have 52 million riders per year. How many can you check? We can use our resources more effectively. I'm not criticizing New York. They have a different problem."

So let me ask you. Are the Philly commissioners just being coy by not openly stating what steps they will take to tighten security on our mass transit lines? Or are they just dumb and don't plan to do anything extra? I have to say I am amazed at the film footage of New York where cops are stopping people and looking at bags? New York has evidently found a way to get extra cops and resources to try to meet this challenge!

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