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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Live 8

Made it to the Live 8 concert in Philly on Saturday for a couple hours. Took the train to 69th Street elevated terminal, got off at 30th Street then walked to the suthwest side of the Art Museum where I had a good view of the stage, screens and good audio too. I was surprised at the video and audio quality since I had not been to such an outside event in 3-4 years. Last time was the July 4th concert in probably 2000 or 2001. And back then the audio sucked.

Philly had a big and well-behaved crowd. Due to lack of beer I would assume- it was a very sober crowd. I was most impressed that the bike path has been finished south of the Art Museum and condos are being built right on the Schuykill. In fact there were a bunch of boaters sitting in the river just listening to the Live 8 concert. I took a picture on my camera-phone and will upload to this blog when I figure out how! Took a couple shots of the concert crowd and equipment trucks in front of the museum.

The vendors were selling shirts that said something like (feed Africa and finally get justice). That makes no sense to me. It's not a justice issue; it's a common sense issue. Corruption sidetracks (kindly put) the delivery of food and charity to those in need. And disease (AIDS) exacerbates the level of hardship on the continent. Isn't it time for someone like Jesse Jackson to exhort Africans to use condoms and cut down on promiscuos behaviors.

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